One Mind at a Time's

2017 Supply Run

One Mind at a Time delivering two of the six recently purchased floormats for the Kindergarteners of Tumet General Primary School. 


sUpply Run - December 2017

During One Mind at a Time's initial visit to Tumet General Primary School in December, 2017, we supplied the school with a variety of supplies that were missing or in need. We provided over 200 notebooks, 400 pens, 8 new textbooks for teaching, radios for broadcast lessons, soccer balls, volleyballs, and 6 floormats for the Kindergarten classroom.

The video above shows the teachers of Tumet General delivering two of the new floormats, where they replaced the worn-out old ones so that the children were no longer sitting on the floor. Following that, the Kindergarteners showed off their knowledge of the English alphabet.

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