Who We Are


Contact Information

Email: one.mind.ethiopia@gmail.com

Twitter: @MindEthiopia

The Team: 

Jack Kappelman, Jakob Dornhofer,

Piper Neulander, Ruth Mewhinney

Jack Kappelman

Jack Kappelman is the project manager for One Mind at a Time. He developed the idea after travelling to Ethiopia and spending time in one of the schools in the focus area. The experience drove him to working on building a team of like-minded students who also wanted to help improve the learning situation for impoverished children

Piper Neulander is the fundraising team. She makes sure One Mind can reach its monetary goal. All fundraising questions or requests should be directed towards the company email. 



Jakob Dornhofer is the right hand man of the project taking care of all media elements and public relations. He has worked side by side with Jack to make the project what it is today.


Ruth Mewhinney


Ruth Mewhinney  is our international consultant who has experience working in multiple different countries abroad and brings necessary logistics into the team.